What is Inner Beauty?

About Sisters 2When Trinity and I sat down to write the script for our website video, the question,

“What is Inner Beauty?” was our main topic.

We knew it came from within, but how to explain it, was our dilemma.

Then suddenly I blurted out.

“Here is proof positive!

It’s really quite effortless.

Just look into the smiling face of a baby.What is Inner Beauty? a Baby's Smile

Your heart just melts…….

You may not know it, but You have fallen in love!

Really, you just can’t help yourself.

Looking into a baby’s beaming face, makes you beam back with equal brightness.

Why?  Because babies are expressing their inner beauty outwardly and we respond in kind.

Here is a funny fact.What is Inner Beauty Baby Bubles

Babies are beautiful, even when they don’t have any clothes, money, house, car or possessions. ;-D

It’s not difficult for us to see their beauty because, they are wearing their inner beauty on the outside.

So why is it so hard for us to see it in ourselves?What is Inner Beauty The Cowboy

The simple answer is, at some point in our lives, we unlearn this wisdom.

But here is the good news.  We can relearn this wisdom, and when we do……

Well…we become beauty, that’s amazing and that’s unmatchable.

Much Love

Francesca oh!


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Francesca oh!

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