10-1-2020 Healing Judgment & Opinion

October 1, 2020 Aries Full Moon: The Healing of Judgment & Opinion

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s astrology forecast for October 1, 2020, Aries Full Moon – The Healing of Judgment & Opinion.

Let me start by telling you a story. This is the story you have in your head, the voices of your mind and spirit in your head. It is . . .

Beauty-The Inside Story – “The Healing of Judgment & Opinion”

“Why, why must people die? Why, why must people suffer? I don’t like what I see. I don’t like what I feel. I don’t like the world around me,” wailed Clasey.

“Really? Really, is that the truth?” asked Voice.

“Of course it is,” said Mind. “Why would Clasey lie,” said Mind.

“Because Clasey is not listening to what is inside,” replied Voice.

“Do you mean to tell me there is another way of thinking?” asked Clasey.

“Clasey, when you dishonor the grace of death and suffering and see your world through the lens of judgment, opinion and  purposelessness, you live life with a half-open heart and Life’s Light & Truth is obscured to you,” replied Voice.


Are you ready to heal judgment & opinion and live in your Light?

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Now, let me begin by explaining to you how to use your Cosmic Compass to walk your Prosperity Path with this upcoming October 1st Aries Full Moon of 2020.

(And if you’ve got your own personal birth chart that I sent you or you just happen to have one, this is a great time to pull it out. And for those of you who don’t have one – but want one, contact me a Francesca@InnerBeautyHealing.US and we’ll see what we can do.)

Let’s say hello and thank you to the Moon & the Sun for their beautiful frequency of light that they share with us.

What kind of Aries Full Moon light are you getting on October 1st? It is the light of “The Healing of Judgment & Opinion

This Aries Full Moon is creating tension around Judgment and Opinion and at the same time lighting and strengthening Integrity & Farsightedness by challenging you to see, feel, and be your inner Light.

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October 1, 2020 Aries Full Moon: The Healing of Judgement & Opinion from Francesca Ordona on Vimeo.

 Astro-Numerology and Gene Keys for October 1, 2020 is:

  • It is a 1 Day + 1 Month + a 4 Year = a Universal 6 Day, the Mother
  • Moon at 9° the number of Wisdom and Endings, partnering with Chiron at 7° the number of intuitive insight. They are both in Aries, the Warrior, sending the signature of Opinion, Farsightedness, Omniscience
  • Sun is in Libra, the Scales of Balance at 9° – the number of Wisdom and Endings, sending the signature of Judgment, Integrity, Perfection
  • The Sun & the Moon are pointing to Uranus, the planet of Breakthrough at 9°, creating a triple 9, sending the signature of Addiction, Invention, Silence.
  • Uranus the higher mind is opposing Mercury the lower mind in Scorpio, the sign of Secrets at 4°, the number of manifestation, sending the signature of Purposelessness, Totality, Immortality and at the same time Uranus is pointing to Jupiter to Expand Building at 17°, the number of the Leader who Empowers, sending the signature of Greed, Aspiration, Ascension
  • Mercury is pointing with tension to Saturn, the Law Enforcer in Capricorn, the Builder at 25°, the number of Intuitive Insight, sending the signature of Psychosis, Inspiration, Sanctity
  • Saturn is partnering with Pluto to transform group consciousness at 22° – the number of the Architect of Peace – and is pointing to Mars of Action, in Aries the Warrior at 24° –  the number of the Mother – sending the signature of Expectations, Detachment, Celebration
  • Mars is pointing nicely to Venus, of Values, in Leo the Star at 28°, the number of initiative, sending the signature of Half-Heartedness, Commitment, Devotion
  • Venus of Values is pointing nicely to Mercury, the Mind

What does this mean to you? What is the Aries Full Moon going to do for you?

These are very challenging times of Opinion and Judgment. You may feel you are caught “between a rock and a hard place,” where every choice seems equally bad. But this Aries Full Moon is pivotal and will do a lot. It can:

  1. Heal judgment and opinions that block you from your prosperity
  2. Breakthrough and end the addictive thoughts that block you from prosperity
  3. Uncover secrets of greed that build global psychosis and at the same time initiate nurturing actions that bring the values of truth and worthwhile commitment

September was the month to “Serve with Resolve & Tenderness.” So let’s take a breath, a moment to look back and say hello, and thank you to all that you served with resolve and tenderness.

Now going forward, you can put this into play the energy of October, to be “Living in the Truth of Integrity, Wisdom & Resourcefulness,” and on October 1, the Aries Full Moon is enhancing this theme through healing Opinion, Judgment to bring forth Farsighted Vision with Integrity.

To utilize this forecast, as you go through October, observe how you are or are not “Living in the Truth of Integrity, Wisdom & Resourcefulness,” ask yourself:

  • Am I initiating or ending opinion?
  • Am I initiating or ending judgment?
  • Am I initiating or ending my farsighted vision?
  • Am I initiating or ending integrity?

These observations can help serve you by allowing you to breakthrough to ending addictive thoughts that block you from prosperity.

Here are my tips for this Aries Full Moon of 2020.

Prosperity Path Tips:

  1. Heal – If you are suffering like Clasey, heal your addictive thoughts of opinion and judgment and commit to wearing your farsighted lens of light and love with integrity. Then choose to . . .
  2. End – thoughts of purposelessness, actions of greed, and psychosis that create division. This way you can . . .
  3. Begin – to Aspire to your higher calling and you’ll move towards your prosperity


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This Aries Full Moon is a powerful moon that is here to help guide you to trust your inner beauty.

Much Light & Love


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