11-4-2021 Inventing Synarchy

November 4, 2021 Scorpio New Moon: Inventing Synarchy

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s astrology forecast for November 4, 2021 Scorpio New Moon – Inventing Synarchy.

Let me start by telling you a story. This is the story you have in your head, the voices of your heart, mind and spirit in your head. It is . . .

Beauty, The Inside Story – “Inventing Synarchy”

“I met someone today,” said Clasey.

“You did?” asked Voice

“How did you feel?” asked Heart.

“Who was it?” asked Mind.

“It was nice. I felt like we met before; so familiar . . .” Then Clasey went silent.

“You did,” said Voice.

“Ah, twin flames,” said Heart.

“Karma,” replied Mind.


Are you ready to recognize the signs that Invent Synarchy?”

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Now, let me explain how to walk your Prosperity Path with this upcoming November 4, Scorpio New Moon, the first Scorpio New Moon of the new era, the Age of Aquarius.

(And if you’ve got your own personal birth chart that I sent you or you just happen to have one, this is a great time to pull it out. And for those of you who don’t have one – but want one, contact me at Francesca@InnerBeautyHealing.US and we’ll see what we can do.)

Let’s say hello and thank you to the Moon & the Sun for their beautiful frequency of light that they share with us.

What kind of Scorpio New Moon light are you getting on November 4? It is the rays that say, “Inventing Synarchy.”

This Scorpio New Moon signature of light will break you through to your creativity and set you free. It will open the portal to your connections that will help you move forward into 2022.

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Astro-Numerology for November 4, 2021

  • November is the 11th Month, a month that opens the portal of communication and mastering relationships.
  • 2021 is a 5 Year  – a year for change, freedom, liberation, and being flexible.
  • November 2021 is the Universal Month of 7, the number of the philosopher, psychic intellect, and future thinking.
  • Sun (your ego), Moon (your emotions) are together at 12° (the number of creativity and self-expression) in Scorpio, the sign of powerful transformation. Together they are sending you the key frequency of Interference at the fear vibration, Teamwork at the gift vibration, and Synarchy at the highest vibration.
  • They are also pointing with tension to Uranus the breakthrough planet at 12° (again, the number of the creativity and self-expression) in Taurus the sign of earthly senses, sending you the key frequency of Addiction at the fear vibration, Invention at the gift vibration, and Silence at the highest vibration.
  • Sun, Moon, and Uranus are pointing with tension to Saturn the law enforcer at 7° (the number of the philosopher, psychic intellect and future thinking) in Aquarius the revolutionary, sending you the key frequency of Fantasy at the fear vibration, Anticipation at the gift vibration, Emanation at the highest vibration.
  • Together the Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Saturn are forming an activation triangle to quicken the frequencies forward into 2022!

What does this mean to you? What is the Scorpio New Moon going to do for you?

It can give you a glimpse of what to anticipate for 2022 so you can upgrade your inner light to:

  1. Transform your path
  2. Open the portal of communications
  3. Revolutionize the way you create

If you saw my Global Energy Forecast Calendar under my Resource tab, you will know and remember that:

  • January put the light on Honorable Leadership.
  • February cast light on Discerning Fantasy, Realism, and Sacrifice.
  • March lit the path For Freedom, Heal Judgement with Tenderness.
  • April’s brilliance was Valor, Action with Wise Adventurous Sensitivity
  • May illuminated Clear Conscious Golden Silence
  • June’s light was The Adventure of Mastering Self

This first half of the year was about seeing, letting go, and transforming. This second half of the year is about taking it to the next level.

What is the next level? To live LIFE.  To live Your Heaven on Earth NOW!

  • July was Joy’s Liberation!
  • August was Illuminating Revelations
  • September was Dynamic Resolve
  • October was Love’s Rebirth

Now in November 2021 light path is:

  • Think and Act with Synarchy

Why? So, you can be ready to create and have a glorious 2022!

November 2021 Global Energy Forecast Calendar

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This November 4th is helping you plant the new seeds of teamwork. It is connecting the transformational dots that create the energy to manifest into matter the grace of your dreams.

Here is the basic signature for this 2021 Scorpio New Moon with the Prosperity tips to:

  1. Transform your path for an expansive future
  2. Open the portal of communications to usher in synarchy
  3. Revolutionize the way you/we create as a team

Prosperity Path Tips:

  1. Take action to free your addictive mind patterns.
  2. Be open to new ideas and unexpected connections.
  3. Give yourself permission to breakthrough to your creativity and self-expression.
  4. Let go of any made-up ideas that you are not a creative person.
  5. Anticipate a prosperous future.

Has this energy forecast helped you? I hope so and please share it with a friend because they may need the help too.

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Be Well & Prosper for the rest of this Glorious 2021.

Much light and love,


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