11-30-2020 Versatile Determination

November 30, 2020 Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Versatile Determination

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s astrology forecast for November 30, 2020, Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  – Versatile Determination.

Let me start by telling you a story. This is the story you have in your head, the voices of your mind and spirit in your head. It is . . .

Beauty, The Inside Story – “Versatile Determination”

“Oh my gosh, Mind. I feel so empowered!” exclaimed Clasey. 

“By what?” asked Mind.

“By realizing I am me and I love me. I love my dreams, what I imagine. They inspire me and make me feel alive and determined. Did you know that 2020 is the year for 20-20 vision? But I had no idea it would drive me inside, turn me inside out and upside down so I could land right side up,” giggled Clasey.

“I don’t get it,” replied Mind.

“That’s okay. You will one day,” said Clasey confidently.


Are you ready to be turned inside out, upside down so you can dance in the light of Versatile Determination?

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Now, let me begin by explaining to you how to use your Cosmic Compass to walk your Prosperity Path with this upcoming November 30th Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2020.

(And if you’ve got your own personal birth chart that I sent you or you just happen to have one, this is a great time to pull it out. And for those of you who don’t have one – but want one, contact me a Francesca@InnerBeautyHealing.US and we’ll see what we can do.)

Let’s say hello and thank you to the Moon & the Sun for their beautiful frequency of light that they share with us.

What kind of Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse are you getting on November 30th? It is the light of “Versatile Determination.”

This Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is empowering you to move and master your life with determination, to heal opinions that stop from living a prosperous life.

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Astro-Numerology and Gene Keys for November 30, 2020, is:

  • It is a 3 Day + 2 Month + a 4 Year = a Universal 9 Day, the wise humanitarian elder
  • Moon is highlighting your inner feelings at 8° – the number of the leader who empowers in Gemini the Twins of the right and left mind that say, “I Think,” sending you the key frequency of Indifference at the fear vibration, Versatility at the gift vibration and Mastery at the highest vibration
  • Sun is lighting your ego at 8° – the number of the leader who empowers in Sagittarius, the Truth Seeker, sending you the key frequency of Inertia at the fear vibration, Determination at the gift vibration, and Invincibility at the highest vibration.
  • Chiron the Wounded Healer is at 5° – the number of liberation and freedom, in Aries the Warrior, who is pointing nicely to the Sun and Moon (your ego and emotions), sending them the key frequency of Opinion at the fear vibration, Farsightedness at the gift vibration and Omniscience at the highest vibration.
  • Uranus the Jailbreaker is at 7° –  the number of intuitive insights, is in Taurus, the sign that says “I have,” is stuck between a rock and a hard place with the Sun (your ego) sending the key frequency of Selfishness at the fear vibration, Altruism at the gift vibration and Selflessness at the highest vibration
  • Venus laying out your value at 10° – the number of instant manifestation,  is in Scorpio, the sign of secrets and transformation, is stuck between a rock and a hard place with the Moon (your emotions) by sending you the key frequency of Interference at the fear vibration, Teamwork at the gift vibration and Synarchy at the highest vibration.

What does this mean to you? What is the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse going to do for you?

Gemini, the sign of the Twin minds, the right and left brain, is seeking the truth to heal the wounds suffered from opinions. Through the fear vibration, the ego is stuck in the selfish vibration of worrying about what you have and at the same time, there is an emotional interference from the lack of trust in values.

If your prosperity is being blocked by this eclipse energy, look to using the gift vibration of Altruism (the good for the whole) and open your mind to creating seeing life as a team that is working for you not against you.

This Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is empowering the movement forward into 2021. It is here to help you activate the energy of a leader who empowers through wisdom and unconditional love. It is demonstrating it through the frequency of “Versatile Determination.” It can:

1.      Give you the determination to seek your truth

2.      Set you higher mind free

3.      Open the portal to create altruism

As we come to the end of 2020, the year for 2020 vision, did you get 20-20 vision? Take a moment and take a deep breath. Now look back at this year and ask yourself, what did you see? Did you get insight through the lens of crazy, dishonor, selfishness, limitations? And at the same time did you acquire 20-20 vision through the lens of inspiration, graciousness, altruism, realism? These are just a few of the 2020 insights.

Where do you go from here? Of course, 2021 is the year to level up and step into the Age of Aquarius. It is time to step out of the victim vibration of fear and create your “Heaven on Earth.”

How? By coming to the Global Energy Epoch Shift. My sister, Rev. Dr. Trinity and I are having 3 free events (December 14, 17 & 21 at 6-7 pm PDT) to learn about, prepare, welcome this global epoch shift. Come join up to up level your energy for 2021 and set yourself FREE!.

You can learn more by going to our event page at GLOBAL ENERGY EPOCH SHIFT, or go to our IBH website: www.InnerBeautyHealing.us. On the Seminars page, look under the Programs tab and you will find the “Age of Aquarius” event half way down the page.

Here are my tips for this Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2020.

Prosperity Path Tips:

  1. Determination –sometimes life may not look pretty and when this happens you may feel like not moving. When this happens take 3 deep breaths and envision your dreams. This opens the door to your . . .
  2. Freedom – This is the freedom from the lower mind, and the breath opens the portal to the higher mind, the part of you that intuitively remembers how to work as a team with your Body and Spirit. This builds . . .
  3.  Altruism – the good for the whole, your whole, being one Mind, Body and Spirit

This Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is setting you up to move forward into 2021. And if you would you like to know what is ahead, then . . .

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I can’t wait to show you the Age of Aquarius Prosperity Path for 2021. It is amazing and a total cosmic celebration!

Much Light & Love


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