Cosmic Politics Oct ‘18:  “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” — NOT ANYMORE
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The theme for this podcast is: “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” — NOT ANYMORE. SAY “NO” TO CHOOSE “YES”

This is Rev. Dr. Trinity. Thank you for dropping in to my blog and podcast “Our Cosmic Political Landscape,” on the politics of the time.

My Inner Spirit Healing Talks are offered to teach you the metaphysical truths and skills to know your Purpose, follow your Path, manifest a great, wonderful Life and make a BIG DIFFERENCE seeing the metaphysical meaning behind today’s politics and understanding the “what” and the “why” these things are happening

The purpose of my blog is to guide you through these troubling times by teaching you to recognize the underlying metaphysical currents that propel the world. Thus, you can make choices that compliment these movements instead of being confused, angry, stuck or closing your eyes, wishing for it to be “all over.”

Here in the U.S., the most significant event taking place right now and in the next week — at least the one that has the most eyes and ears on it — is the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court amidst allegations by several women of drunken behaviors and sexual misconduct, including attempted rape.

By the time you read or hear this blog/podcast, this process will be settled. My purpose is not to “predict” the outcome, but rather to shed light on the “what” and “why” behind the loud and public outcries by women and notable silences by men.

Much has already been said in the news, commentary and social media about the “guilt” or “innocence” of Mr. Kavanaugh and the “truth” or “lies” attested to by Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford. Whether the FBI is hindered or helped in their investigation in any way, if more witnesses step forward to tell their truths, or whether “the truth” is ever really revealed . . . this will only be known in the days, weeks and possibly months and years ahead. Those are a lot of “what ifs” and we can mis-spend a lot of energy running around that hamster wheel.

Rather than that, I prefer to paint a much broader picture of what and why this is all happening.  The clue is right in front of us and being debated, challenged, twisted and turned inside and out by protestors, commentators, pastors, politicians and Presidents, alike.  Even if it were found these accusations of Kavanaugh were true, his supporters — from men and women alike —  come to his defense with the age-old mantra, “BOYS WILL BE BOYS.”

This is not just a catch phrase, but a MAXIM, a SOCIAL-CULTURAL LAW by which our society (and that of most of the world), follows, abides, promotes, hails and now, is being vigorously and vociferously defended in the press, internet and airways in America.  And what is it that is being defended and upheld? Simple: Power OVER!!  Whether that is dominance over others by virtue of greater physical strength, social capital or cultural position, it is right and proper in our American society!  This IS the proper position of men in our society and men LEARN this by practicing dominance when they are boys. And who best to practice domination over?  Over women. Why? Because the “supposedly” superior status of men that is based on the supposed “inferior” status of women has been realized for millennia by the actual political, social, cultural, sexual and physical subordination of women by violence. The threat of or actual harm through violence is the ultimate weapon used in all domination.  Simply put, we grow “bad boys” into “bad men.” Where else do they come from?

Furthermore, this “boys will be boys” defense employed for a Kavanaugh, a white man, because it took place when he was “a boy” and therefore, too young to be held responsible for his actions is being rallied in a brazen, unapologetic racist way. Basically, it is OK for white boys to be treated as children, yet black boys, like Mike Brown, Bothan Jean or Dayon Davis, who were all TEEN AGERS, were fatally shot or tried as a “menacing adults” and given an adult prison sentence. Stand with Abusers

But WHY is this happening now?  Isn’t it a sign that we are FALLING BACK instead of MOVING FORWARD?  This is where a metaphysical outlook helps. First, this event and the many, many, many other challenging ones still to happen are taking place because the HUMAN TRANSFORMATION that is actually afoot is not on a single, straight road ahead.  It is not a question of getting on or off track.  We on Planet Earth, are on the journey. But the terrain we are traversing is more like a broad swath of a wide current, with many eddies and swirls within a huge ocean of energies in motion. Within this current, which itself does not flow in a single, unified direction, there is no shoreline that we can see in front, around or behind us. What creates “the movement” in any direction then are the creatures — us — swimming together (or against) each other in this current of change.

Second, why are these challenges taking place AND why does it feel so important, so pivotal, at this time? Because the formerly dominant current that carried societies for millennia through a lifetimes of hierarchies, pecking orders, and superior/inferior inequalities of rich over poor, men over women, white people over people of color is in turmoil.  There is a COUNTER-CURRENT.  And simply looking at the quantities, the demographics of it all, WOMEN make up the planet’s LARGEST CONTINGENT of unequals.  So, if women all over the world said, “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” — NOT ANYMORE — then they are leading a MAJOR BREAKAWAY, and swimming away from and against the OLD. Women making this change, will, can and do create A NEW current of motion in our Lifetime, now. By saying,  “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” — NOT ANYMORE — we are saying “YES” to a new, better and liberated way to be ourselves.  No longer bowing down but standing up.

That is also why it is ALSO important to take into consideration that women, especially, white women, have a long, long, long history of being FORCED INTO submission.  That’s why, decades and centuries later, male supremacy has become so “naturalized” that they will defend it to their detriment. Let me explain.

First, the treatment of women of color in America has always been meted out according to the “color line.”  That is, African women were NOT exempted from slavery and all its hardships and legacies.  Native women were slaughtered alongside their men. So too with Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern and other women from the “colored” parts of the world. There is much to be said about this, but this is for another blog/podcast.

For now, know that for white European women, they had to serve a different purpose in America.  They had to bear and raise the children and cater to the personal, social and sexual needs of colonizer white men. But women did not do so willingly.  While much mythology has been created around the early American colonists, the Puritans and Pilgrims, little is acknowledged of the mistreatment, cruelty and brutality used on women to enforce rigid gender roles.  Among the many brutal “tools of enforcement” were:

Salem Witch Trials

  • The Cucking and Ducking stools (seen here used at the Salem Witch trials) were used against women for back-talking, scolding, or simply displaying a temper that men thought inappropriate. The stool resembled a see saw, with the offender placed in a chair for all to see. The ducking stool took it a step further with the women then plunged into cold water “in order to cool her immoderate heat.” The Cucking and Ducking stool go back as far as the 13th century in Europe and was brought over in the colonization of the Americas.

A SCOLD’S BRIDLE (click here to watch a short video)

Resembling an iron muzzle, the Scold’s bridle was a device originating in the 16th century that aimed to humiliate and cause great pain to the wearer. Women were often forced to endure it as a punishment for immodest, rude and transgressive behavior. A metal bit would press down on the wearer’s tongue and prevent them from eating and talking and implemented at the discretion of the husband. The main goal was to suppress women’s speech and expression.

The Scold's- Bridle

Given this legacy of how white European women were brutally forced into submission, it is no wonder that “speaking the truth” of one’s violent abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the men in their lives is such a big challenge and therefore, a vital step forward in this journey of transformation and why the #MeToo Movement has touched a core experience and women and the men who support them will continue to stand up and speak out.

Join and move with the Currents of Transformation. The future is at hand.

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