Capricorn New Moon 2024

January 11, 2024 Capricorn New Moon – Gene Key 54: Aspiration

Happy New Year! Super psyched that 2024 is the Year of Strength. This is the year to build your Inner Strength and at the same time you’ll build your Inner Beauty! Read on to learn how.🌟

Francesca Ordona HollingsworthHi there, Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast using the divination arts of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design and the Gene Keys to help you build your prosperity.

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Now let’s look at how you can align your energy with the power of the January 11, 2024 Capricorn New Moon of Aspiration.

In Numerology this is a 11/2 Universal Day.

  • 11 is a Master  number. It is about finding balance in duality for the purpose of unity.
  • 2 is the number of service using the tool of communications for relationships. This brings the compassionate heart energies of  receptivity, imagination, empathy, and gentleness.

In Astrology:  The Sun and Moon are in Capricorn, the sign of the Builder.

In Human Design this is the gate the Gate of Ambition.

In the Gene Keys: The key line is 6, meaning the theme is being expressed through the lens of the Teacher with Education and Surrender.

The Sun (Ego) and Moon (Emotions) are in Gene Key #54. The light it is sharing is:

  • Ascension
  • Aspiration
  • Greed

Sun and Moon are pointing nicely to Uranus (Breakthrough) in Gene Key #23. This is adding the light of:

  • Quintessence
  • Simplicity
  • Complexity

Sun and Moon are pointing nicely to Neptune (Dreams) in Gene Key #36. This is adding the light of:

  • Compassion
  • Humanity
  • Turbulence

Sun and Moon are pointing with tension to Chiron (Wounded Healer) and  North Node (Direction) in Gene Key #51. This is adding the light of:

  • Awakening
  • Initiative
  • Agitation

Sun and Moon are pointing with tension to the South Node (what is natural to you) in Gene Key #57. This is adding the light of:

  • Clarity
  • Intuition
  • Unease

What does this mean to you? How is this Capricorn New Moon going to help you?

The Capricorn New Moon is here to help build your wisdom from your higher Aspirations.  The stars above are sending a light signature that shows the path that is in alignment with higher vision. This is a translation of that code.

Keys for 2024 Aspirations:

  1. Your Aspirations are your playbook for life’s educations. Surrender to them so they can teach you to live the life of your dreams.
  2. Aspire to bring out your Quintessence – your quintessential essence.
  3. Build your dreams from a compassionate human heart.
  4. Direction is to heal with initiative what agitates you.
  5. Clarity comes from using your intuition to connect to what comes natural to you.

🌟 For further info: Watch the January 11, 2024 Capricorn New Moon – Aspiration.

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