Initiate & Move Beyond

This first New Moon for 2018  is a time when all the cosmic energies around us will support YOU to “Initiate and Move Beyond.”

initiate and move beyond2017 was a global awakening, the year of ONE. One, meaning all: a global community of humans, animals, plants and elements on ONE planet, Earth.

The Year of ONE also meant first; primary; the start of a new beginning. We are a global community of humans, animals, plants and elements on planet Earth and we have been ushered into a time to choose.
Currents, counter-currents, and undercurrents drew masses of people into resurgencies, insurgencies and counter-insurgencies all over the globe. Everyday was filled with hyperbole and grandstanding coated with fear, threat, name calling, and accusation.

Why such polarization?  Because we at the same time, we are leaving behind a 5,000 year epic — the Age of Pisces — a time of order based on hierarchy. This hierarchy was based on power.  Before, whoever was the biggest, strongest, wealthiest was at the “top” of the pyramid. Life was just an endless competition and whoever “won,” was the victor.

This new, emerging Age of Aquarius — the era that we ARE JUST BEGINNING  —is ushering in the opportunity to co-create, collaborate, nurture and bring into being an entirely new consciousness, a heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us. In other words, to find a way to live with everyone.

It is a time to choose . . . to understand and move with the flow of this Change, or jump into the water and try to swim upstream against Change itself.

So here, at the BEGINNING of this new year — 2018 — the theme of this New Moon is a time to “Initiate and Move Beyond” and go and flow with the Great, Global, Cosmic Change Change!

To “Initiate and Move Beyond” — when you ask yourself this question, do you find yourself confused? To “initiate” means to start, to take the initiative and get going. But, do you know what to do?  When is the right time? If you find yourself asking these questions and not hearing the answer, then you are stuck!  But this a a year you can get HELP to get UNSTUCK!

In numerology, 2018 is the Year of 11. “11” is a power number and all about communication. Communication is hearing and speaking the truth to ourselves and others.Initiate & Move Beyond

Furthermore, “11,” when you add up 1 +1, it equals 2.  2 is the number for partnership.  2018 is the year of communication THROUGH partnership.  So the Universe will deliver us many, many opportunities to “hear and speak the truth” to yourself and others!

But will you communicate to unite or divide?  To understand and seek a solution or to rant, rave and call the other names.

In our current environment, it is hard to “take the higher road” and seek unity when discord, fear and hatred is part of our daily diet under the Trump Administration, and when Donald Trump himself, is an outright liar.

In part, this is because we have the mistaken idea that feeling “angry” give us permission to act out in anger. Anger is the feeling that  we have when something or someone has crossed a line, a boundary, a safety zone.  This angry feeling can be an “oh” because someone accidentally bumped you from behind in the line, or a curse word or name because a distracted driver did not “see” you and almost hit your car.

Anger does tell you something is off — slightly to greatly — but it is up to you to choose how to ACT on this information.  We are social beings and have been “taught” how best to handle situations in our lives. So if you have grown up with

  • Lies, mixed messages
  • Verbal abuse, constant yelling
  • Excessive criticism (blocks creativity)
  • Secrets (threats for telling)
  • Authoritarian parents (don’t talk back)

You have learned how to be:

  • dominating (or not speak up for yourself);
  • yell, threaten or criticize to get your way (or cannot listen, or are extremely shy or cannot put your words together)

These behaviors are all indications of blocks in your 5th chakra, which prevents you from hearing and speaking the truth to yourself and others and communicating in effective, appropriate ways.

So, to “Initiate and Move Beyond” with this NEW MOON and go and flow with the Change of this New Age of Aquarius, it is time to release those blocks in your throat, your body’s communication center.

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr. Trinity

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