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How to be ready for 2022

Prosperity Path 2022

Astrology, Numerology, Gene Keys 2022 Energy Forecast

What do you want for 2022?

Do you want clarity, empowerment, unity?

Do you want to feel delighted, fulfilled, vibrant?

Next year, don't you want to ride the waves of these tumultuous times with inner peace and calm? Don't you want clarity to see, understand and handle the challenges?

Then you will need my Prosperity Path 2022. With my 2022 Forecast, you can be ready to create and have a glorious 2022!

Join me for an hour

  • Discover the two astrological events that create exciting change not just for 2022 but for years to come

  • Calendar the fortunate windows of opportunity so you don't miss out

  • Understand how you can create peace, abundance, and more love for 2022

DATE: January 1, 2022

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 pm PDT

General Admission for Prosperity Path 2022 webinar is $250. But we are super excited to announce our HOLIDAY GIFT, which is until December 15 at noon PDT it's a

Pay What You Want Webinar!

Because we at Inner Beauty Healing are embracing the spirit of Altruism:

"The Love of Giving for the Benefit of the Whole."

After starts our $150 Holiday Specialexpires Christmas Day at noon PDT.

ACT NOW to claim your GIFT before it is too late.

All registration for Prosperity Path 2022 closes at noon PDT on December 31st.

And if you cannot attend LIVE, no worries. As long as you are registered, you will receive a link to the recording.

Yes, I want to be ready for 2022!

How it helps

"It helped me understand the direction of the year and how I can navigate it on my own path to prosperity.  I loved knowing the bounty days when planning programs and events for my business.  The information is a powerful tool for your life."

Stacy Weber, Tru You Training and Coaching

Prosperity Path Vision helps me plan my year with more intention. I pick the day to go all out or to retreat and rest based on it. It’s easier to make big decisions when you have Prosperity Path as your Vision tool.I LOVE IT!

Karmen Reed, High Performance & Money Strategist