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Understand the 2021 Global Energy Forecast 

Prosperity Path

This past year we have had an Epoch Shift! Do you feel the change?

At the end of 2019, I said get ready for a "Big Change," a redistribution of global power. Now that COVID-19 has changed the norms of life. The question is how have you been navigating this change? If it has been challenging and you want relief you are in the right place.

The best thing for you is to take action that will help you change in a way that is appropriate for you. How do you do that? One way is to know what energy is coming down the pipeline.

PROSPERITY PATH 2021 is a 2-hour video that explains the 2021 Global Energy Forecast direction. It helps you anticipate how to create and direct your energy for 2021. It gives you the:

  • Global Energy Astrology, Numerology and Gene Keys Forecast
  • 2021 Power Words
  • The 2021 Aquarius Code
  • Summary & Calendar at a Glance


  • CLARITY, you have a Calendar at a Glance to plan ahead
  • CONFIDENCE, you have a map for direction
  • COURAGE, you have a guide that aligns you with the Divine

Investment: $250

How it helps

"It helped me understand the direction of the year and how I can navigate it on my own path to prosperity.  I loved knowing the bounty days when planning programs and events for my business.  The information is a powerful tool for your life."

Stacy Weber, Tru You Training and Coaching

Prosperity Path Vision helps me plan my year with more intention. I pick the day to go all out or to retreat and rest based on it. It’s easier to make big decisions when you have Prosperity Path as your Vision tool.I LOVE IT!

Karmen Reed, High Performance & Money Strategist

What to do Next

If you haven't yet watched the Important Astrological Events on the Free Programs page. I recommend you do that by CLICKING here.

After, if you have any questions, concerns or are unclear on how you want to move forward, schedule a 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Session and we'll chat together and figure out what path is best for you.