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Hi there, I’m Francesca and welcome to Prosperity Path Program. Prosperity is not just about having lots of money, it is about having good fortune in life, which includes loving relationships, success in your career, recognition, and appreciation by your friends and peers, peace and harmony in your world.

Do you want to live a prosperous life? Are you clear on how you bring in prosperity? We help you to find the seeds to your prosperity and work with you to grow them. How?  Through the Prosperity Path Program.  It has 1:1 guidance, group meetings, self-study e-courses, and your own unique Prosperity Path Guide.  This guide is your road map to help steer you in the direction that is right for you.

Be aware that you cannot complete this program overnight. Our e-courses, seminars, and sessions all build upon each other so you can create a strong foundation and bloom. The program is made to be flexible with time and money. I invite you to check out our website and when you are ready, schedule a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Session to see how we can help you.

Prosperity Path Guide:

Prosperity Path Full Guide is a 3-page guide that I personally craft using multiple divination arts.  They are:

  • Eastern and Western Astrology ~ Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology ~ Human Design ~ Gene Keys

As you can imagine, that is a lot of information to digest.  And that is the beauty of my Prosperity Path Guide, I break down your unique Prosperity Path into 3 digestible pages. The pages are:

  • Your Purpose ~ How You Make Your Decisions ~ How Your Make Money

This guide helps you ignite your gifts by bringing you awareness, validation, and empowerment.  When you offer the services of your gifts to the world, you create prosperity for you and others.

You will not find anything like this anywhere else. Are you ready to ignite your Prosperity? Great! Your purchase options are:

  • Your Purpose Prosperity Path 1-Pager ~  Prosperity Path Full Guide
Prosperity Path Guide Your Purpose


Prosperity Path 1-pager  guide explains:

  • 5 important things to help you stay on your Prosperity Path

Price: $65

Prosperity Path Full Guide 3


  • Your Purpose
  • How Your Make Decisions
  • How You Make Money

Price: $147

Not sure how this guide can help you? No problem. To ensure that you get on the right path, I’m gifting you a complimentary 15-minute guidance session (value $125) to go over it and show you how best to use it.

So, start now and begin to walk your Prosperity Path!

What Clients Are Saying

When Francesca gave me an inner beauty reading, my main concern was my frustration with melding the direction of my creative career path and making a difference.  Francesca repeatedly visualized me prancing around in a tutu!  This made absolutely no sense to me at the time.  I've never worn or had the desire to wear a tutu and am definitely not ballerina material!....... A few months later, I found myself organizing and lead Designer for Goodwill's Eco Chic Fashion Event; a green approach to lightening our footprint on the earth through redesigning and repurposing our throw-away fashions.  A strong segment in the Eco-Fashion show featured my designs with avante-garde, elegant tutus! …….Fast forward, today I capture the spirit of dancers through sculpting them for my body and soul sterling silver jewelry line and yes they are wearing tutu.  Me, I don’t wear tutus and I’m not a ballerina but I am a performer of ballroom dance!  Plus, I wear Francesca’s designs, they bring out the passionate dancer in me!

Cynthia Woong, designer & owner of Cynthia Woong  Jewelry

Working with Trinity Ordona has been an earth-moving experience . . . my life has altered inextricably for the good.  Her readings of my life brought up visions of my past dreams, ancestral influences and other lives lived, giving definition to my life's work and purpose. 

Cynthia Tom, artist & community activist  

Trinity is one of those rare people who combines a wide array of skills, gifts, and talents with the depth of her life learnings and experiences to create the conditions for profound healing and transformation. If you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will find a caring counselor, intuitive healer, and wise coach who will help you remove long-standing blockages and heal past traumas so that you can spread your wings and fly to fulfill your greatest potential.

Sujin Lee, social justice coach & consultant

My hypnosis and chakra healing work with Trinity has lead to a personal evolution. Going back in time to heal old wounds has freed me up to create myself newly. I have more insight into my behavior and wouldn't have otherwise without her guidance and support.

Poonam Kapoor, product development manager

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