Healing Arts ~ illuminate your consciousness & eliminate Your Inner Sahdows

I’ve got a question for you.  Do you fear the unknown, like not knowing where you are headed and doing the right thing?

Do you ever feel challenged by your emotions or get moody, like you don’t understand yourself or why you’re feeling that way?  And . . . it can take a long time to come to terms with that and when you don’t understand, it can get in the way of your whole entire day?

Would you like to know how to better communicate with yourself and those around you?

Would you like to be surrounded by people that you care about and love - and love back with no drama?

Would that be the best thing in your life?

Hi there, I’m Francesca and welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s e-courses,

Prosperity Path Program: Step by step Process to Build Confidence, Comfort, and Certainty in Self

I'm a Reverend of Psychic Healing. a Master of Medical Qi Gong an Astro Numerologist and a Gene Key Ambassador.  With over 20 years in the healing and divination arts, I love to help reveal "Your True Self" so you can make your difference in the world. I do this through my self-study e-courses, 1:1 guidance, and group support meetings.

We all know that everyone is unique. Consequently, timing and learning styles vary. This is why I have made my e-courses self-study with the option to Add-On:

  1. Private 1:1 Guidance – I recommend you Add-On at least one session for every course.
  2. Group Support – Offered twice a month on the New Moon & Full Moon.

The courses are listed in my recommended order. But you do have the option to start where you want. The only caveat is that if you skip through the order, schedule a 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Session so we can discuss your course of action.

Okay, now that I’ve given you the overall picture of the e-courses, now go ahead and click on the course you want to take.


Course Structure:

  • Video PowerPoints ( 4-8 hrs)
  • Worksheet (3-6 pages)
  • Required Reading & Recommended Resources (1-3 books)

Astrology 101

Discover your genius using the ancient art of astrology. Gain centuries of elder wisdom in one short course. Learn the fundamentals of deciphering your Life Story. Take the first step to mastering your natural gifts.

Price: $197


Unite your left and right brain and activate your natural genius. You already use your left logical brain to utilize the quantity of numbers, such as 1+1=2.  Imagine what will happen when you start using your intuitive right brain that can compute abstract thought to understand the QUALITY of numbers. such as personality archetypes. Take the second step to mastering your natural gifts.

Price: $197

Astro-Numerology 101 Putting it Together

Introduction to understanding you, your whole you. Learn to assemble your life story and connect the dots. Reveal to you your hidden powers.  Requirements must schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery session if you have not taken Astrology 101 & Numerology 101.

Price: $197

Human Design 101

Delve deeper into your evolution with the cutting edge of contemporary divination arts of Human Design.  Learn how you are designed to make decision and simple tools on how to have a successful life. Requirements, must schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery session if you have not taken Astrology 101 & Numerology 101 and Astro Numerology.

Price $197

Gene Keys

Transform your gene with Gene Keys. Requirement commitment to use the art of contemplation. This course is taught by Richard Rudd, author and founder of Gene Keys. I am a Gene Key Ambassador and my role is to provide 1:1 guidance. Click on the button to learn more and then schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery session to plot out your course of action.

I thought in the beginning I didn’t need the Phase I of Francesca’s program. I’ve had astrology readings regularly now for several years. I was wrong – doing that work for myself helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of myself. It was me finding who I was versus someone telling me who I was. I gained a deeper understanding of myself which then allowed me to look at my entire self in a different way.

Bonnie Dysinger - exoteric healer, speaker, teacher 

Beginning Phase I and being guided through the astrology chart for how to read and understand the symbology was helpful, but what really helped was that I was the one to do the deeper work and report back to Francesca my understanding of my chart – of myself; and then discuss my chart with her for even more insight. This was revealing to say the least. And then adding the Human Design and the Gene Code charts on top of that - saying similar things yet in different ways took me even deeper into knowing who I am. These tools really helped to build my confidence and understand my direction and purpose here on Earth.

Bonnie Dysinger - esoteric healer, speaker, teacher

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