The Art of You

Paint Your world with the Palette of your Soul

Clothing is our most personal art form. Every day you wake up and have to choose your presence.  How you want to present yourself on your stage of life. The question is “Who are You?”  There is so much talk about "See your Inner Beauty, Be your Inner beauty, Be your Authentic Self."  The question is . . .HOW? The answer is to be . . .

The Art of You and Paint Your World with the Palette of Your Soul.

How do you do that? I can't tell you that in this short time I have with you. But what I can say as an award-winning fashion designer, and I'm going to be frank with you, is that the fashion industry has fed you a lie. The lie that starving makes you Beautiful. You don't have to starve to be beautiful. Beauty is the natural reflection of your true self.

Do you worry about what to wear?  Do you suffer from the negative mind chatter I’m not enough? Would you like to be comfortable, confident and attract to you the people that you love? Take the first step and schedule a Complimentary 15-Minute Discovery Session and see how I can help you and if creating Your, Art of You Closet is right for you.

Your "Art of You" Closet

Would you like to waltz into your closet, grab pieces, throw them on and know they work together, they make you look good and feel great, PLUS they express Your Inner Beauty?


Envision a closet that is unique to you, a closet that is:

  • Easy, Sustainable & Friendly
  • Buildable, Creative & Fun
  • Cost-Effective, Efficient & Reflects Your Beautiful YOU!
Your Art of You Closet

I will evaluate your current wardrobe (clothes and shoes), personal lifestyle, career and image goals.  Based on my findings, I will recommend a customized strategic plan to create the "Art of You" Closet.

To begin, your first step is to schedule a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Session to discuss your goals and what will work for you. Click the button below to schedule your complimentary 15-minute Discovery Session!

(In-person evaluations are only available in South San Francisco Bay, East Bay & Penninsula all other evaluations are online)

What Clients Are Saying

Learning about what style of clothes look best on my body type has been a lifelong quest for me. Francesca is who I had been praying for – for many years! Soft, subtle, flowing, relaxed, blended, enfolding – these are my cues when out shopping. Having Francesca come to my home and sort through my own closet of clothes was a huge help as she pointed out the whys and why nots of some of the styles I was wearing. She put outfits together that I never would have imagined – and they are really fun and cute! And when I had to prepare for potential fire evacuation, you're dam sure her designs were the first things I packed!

Bonnie Dysinger, speaker, healer, California

Francesca’s beauty and personal style inspired me to venture into her wonderful world of clothing design and adornment to experiment with dressing more creatively. What has unfolded is a multi-dimensional experience that has helped renew my vision of myself. Working with her I’ve learned that Francesca is in touch with the natural world, energy forces, and our psychic and spiritual connectedness. She approaches everything from a universal perspective and with sensitivity and meaning. Everything she touches becomes a work of art—from her clothing to her gardens and home interior. A truly magical realm! She is a powerful role model for self-expression and has helped awaken in me the artist that has been long dormant.

Kathleen Boyd, property manager, California

What Francesca does with clothes is amazing. Everyone of us is beautiful. You may not know how to feel it but each of us is beautiful. And the way she is able to bring out our feminine side, that beautiful side and make us feel pretty at a level that we never realized before. It makes such a difference in how you look at the world.  I brought a speaker friend to see Francesca for clothing and you know she always dressed down and she didn’t feel pretty. By the time she left she felt beautiful.  What Francesca does is a gift of clothing. She gives you the sense of knowing that you are beautiful that it is much deeper than the outside layer. She teaches you how you can cloth your body, so you do feel beautiful every day.  It is not, “I’m going to buy an outfit.”  It can change your life. It can change how you look at you in the mirror. It is really amazing.

Jeanette Chasworth, The Color Whisperer, interior designer, California