Creating with Your Soul


Hello and welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s Readings page. On this page, you will find the four steps to Create with your Soul. It starts with:

  1. Unveiling the full picture of Your Story with Astrology & Numerology, aka Astro-Numerology Reading,
  2. Understanding Your Design with Human Design Reading.
  3. Unlocking Your Keys with Gene Keys Reading.
  4. Uplifting you so you can consciously Create with your Soul with the 4-Step Package.

I invite you to watch the videos. They will give you an understanding of the purpose of each of the readings and the process. After, if you have any questions, concerns or are unclear on how you want to move forward, schedule a 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Session and we'll chat together and figure out what path is best for you.

Step 1: Astro-Numerology ~ Your Story

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45-Minute Session

Welcome to my Astro-Numerology Sessions. What is Astro-Numerology?  It is Astrology & Numerology all rolled up in one.  Astrology is the translation of planetary signatures.  Numerology is the translation of the quality of numbers. Let me explain further. We know there are planets above, and they are big bodies of mass, rotating at super-duper high velocities. When anything does that, they send strong vibrations that hit us here on Earth, like the Sun. Each of those planets above have a very specific vibrational signature and when you took your first breath of communal air, their signature, the planets’ signature, imprinted on you a code. This is your Birth & Life code. So, Astro-Numerology sessions is a translation of your Birth and Life Code. Curious? Do you want to know more? I invite you to schedule a 1:1 Astro-Numerology Session with me.

Just click the button below to schedule a session. When you schedule, you’ll need to fill out an intake form for your Birthday, Birth Time and Birthplace. Once I get all three, you'll receive your own personal Astrology Chart and the Zoom link for the session. After the session, you'll receive a link to download the recording.

This is the first step to walk your Prosperity Path. If this calls to you, I encourage you to schedule your session today.

Step 2: Human Design ~ Understanding Your Process

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45-Minute Session

Welcome to Human Design. What is Human Design? It is basically a way to explain to you your design. This is one of the most contemporary and comprehensive divination arts today. It was downloaded to Ra Uru Hu in 1987. It is a revolutionary new perspective on the ancient divination arts of Astrology, I Ching, Chakras, Kabala. As well as a revolutionary new perspective on the modern sciences of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Bio-Chemistry.  To create with your soul I believe you just need to have an understanding and integration of the Human Design system. Like the Astro-Numerology session, I guide you with a 45-minute Human Design session.

This is the second step you take along your Prosperity Path. If you have an interest in walking with me as your guide along your Prosperity Path, I’d recommend you schedule this reading AFTER you have a Your Story 45-minute Astro-Numerology session.

Just click the button to schedule a session. When you schedule, you’ll need to fill out an intake form for your Birthday, Birth Time, and Birthplace. Once I get all three, you'll receive your own personal Human Design Chart and the link for the session. All sessions are recorded and after you'll receive a link to download the recording.

Step 3: Gene Keys ~ Your Keys for Transformation

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Guidance with Francesca!



45-Minute Session

Welcome to the Gene Keys. What are the Gene Keys? You could say they are an update, an up-level to Human Design, created by Richard Rudd and brought to publication in 2009.

Gene Keys are the cutting-edge in divination arts. They are the keynotes to your Spirit. They are the keys to unlocking your higher purpose through the hidden pathway in your DNA. And with these keys, I help guide you to paint your world with the keynote palette of your Soul.

HOW? By using the art of Contemplation and you can learn it best if you hear it from Richard. To do that click, the Gene Key button and it will take you to the Gene Key site. There you can download your own Gene Key hologenetic profile. You’ll also learn about the self-study courses they offer. If you choose to do the courses start with the Activation Sequence of the Golden Path.

As a Gene Key Ambassador, I am here to help guide and support you through your process. The Gene Keys are the third step to walk your Prosperity Path. You can take their course or choose 1:1 guidance with my 45-minute Gene Key session.

To begin, get your hologenetic profile from the Gene Keys website. Then send me a copy of your profile and schedule your session with me. Once these are done, I’ll send you the link for the session. The session itself will be recorded; afterward, you'll receive a link to download the recording.

Step 4: Creating with Your Soul - Your Spiritual realization

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Welcome to Creating with Your Soul. If you are reading this or watching the video, you have a yearning to create with your Soul, to be at one with your Soul, and to work in unison with all of you. I am here to tell you, “your Soul has heard you.” It is not an accident you are here now at this moment in time. There are really no accidents; just unconscious acts that feel like dents. Your consciousness or unconsciousness is always creating and moving into form bringing experiences into life for you.

When you create with your Soul. Creating your life with your consciousness, your inner awareness is the realization of your whole Being moving into form. Actively creating itself with the Universe and all that Is. You realize you are the “is-ness” of all that is. In short, Creating with your Soul is Spiritual Realization.

To Create with your Soul, starts with my 4-Step Reading Package: 1-hour Astro-Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys & Creating with Your Soul integration sessions. By choosing the 4-Step Reading package, you are saying Yes to walking your Prosperity Path with Spiritual Realization. In celebration, I'm gifting you two things:

  1. 40% discount on each 1-hour session (Savings of $800)
  2. a $225 full pay discount, OR a 4-month payment plan.

Whether you work with me or not, you are here. This is divine timing. So ask yourself, “What is it that my Soul wants me to know?”  When you receive the answer, act with love.


4-One Hour Sessions


(SAVINGS of $800)

Choose Payment:


($1200 in 4 Payments @ $300 per month)


($975 Full Pay SAVE $225)

Do you want to know more?

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I gained so much wisdom and confidence from her perspectives and understandings. I love to open up and discover more about myself. The reading I had with her offered so much expansion.  Not only did she open doors for me, but the wisdom kept coming. I feel like so much light was offered. True illumination. For anyone wanted to raise their beauty vibration, I totally recommend Francesca.

Julie A. Sergel, IAMCITIZENJANE, entrepreneur, author, artist, New York

"My reading with Francesca was incredible, I loved every second of it. Everything she said made perfect sense, and I also discovered so much about myself that I didn't even consciously realize. She gave me tons to think about, and I know I will be back for more!"

Abigail Geer, president & co-founder of Mino Farm Valley Sanctuary, Spain

"I loved reading with Francesca. It taught me more about my personality traits and how my chart influences me. One of the best parts was the confirmation on a certain area of my business, that I neglected due to listening to what others said I should be focused on. But this confirmation validated the way I felt called to work and I am so grateful for that. I totally recommend it for others looking for more clarity around how astrology works."

Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse, business strategist, speaker, author, Canada

"After my reading with Francesca, I felt like I had increased confidence and awareness of my personal strengths and abilities she elaborated on based on her interpretations of my birth chart. She was easy to talk to and had great insights into potential challenges and growth areas I can look out for and work towards. A session with Francesca is a renewing and life-affirming experience I highly recommend it!"

Beth Ihle, business owner, realtor, Panama