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Hello. I am Rev. Dr. Trinity and welcome to my 1:1 Guidance. I specialize in working with people with problems due to trauma and abuse. You know I am describing you because you feel trapped in a hole, or confused by contending voices in your head or burdened by everyone else’s problems.

I have been there and found my way out of that state.  I am an abuse and cult survivor and I taught myself how to release the energetic blocks and patterns caused by these experiences. I use the tools of muscle testing, meditation and psychic healing to unlock, understand and heal the traumas that kept me in the past. I can help you do the same. Make a 15-min Complimentary Insight Session appointment with me and see if we are a good match.

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What Clients Are Saying

I came to Trinity seeking more clarity in my life. As a victim of sexual abuse, I thought my life was lost if not over. “A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary" (Thomas Carruthers), and Trinity is that teacher. When I started working with Trinity, she was able to guide me. Though it was hard at first to overcome trauma, she managed to bring me back to life. Trinity doesn't do the work, but you do. Trinity indeed gives her energy and time but helps you figure out how and what you need in order to heal. Her analogies help you understand the wonders of your life. I recommend Trinity for her expertise, good humor, and knowledge; her life story itself is inspirational. Trinity has also helped me succeed in life. I got my dream job and home because of the work that I did with Trinity. I had to do the meditation but she held my hand until I was able to follow my path and therefore, succeed.

Sandra Pulido, Spanish language teacher

Over a year ago I felt compelled to reach out to Inner Beauty Healing. I desperately needed some help. . . . The most important thing Trinity and Francesca told me was that working over a period of time would help me understand and know myself better. From there my life would come into alignment and with that, ease. Ease was the pivotal word and I can say that after a year of working with them - they were right.

Naoita Frances, entrepreneur

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Hi there, I’m Francesca and welcome my 1:1 Guidance. I help guide you along your Prosperity Path. You have a unique path that only you can walk.  The problem is, you can have blocks in knowing your WHAT,  your WHY and your HOW.

Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and versed in a number of divination arts, I use Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys and TCM to clear your energy blocks around your WHAT, empower you with your WHY and eliminate your negative mind chatter that stops you from doing your HOW.  I’m happy to invite you to a Complimentary Discovery Session to see if 1:1 Guidance is right for you.

Let's see guidance is right for you